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Communication efficiency represents
a massive opportunity.

Communication consumes a huge fraction of time for managers and knowledge workers, and the workplace chat revolution has done nothing to reduce communication load.

Ironically, for some, email has now become the place for well-thought-out communications while workplace [chat] software has been inundated by thoughtless meme and emoji sharing.

Worse, chat communication on Slack or Microsoft Teams is disruptive, chaotic, and ephemeral.

The [chat] software goes from helping you work to making it impossible to get work done.

Zulip’s unique topic-based threading combines the best of email and chat to finally make efficient communication possible.

Akamai’s Zulip Enterprise deployment connects over 2000 users around the planet. The threading model of conversations provides a large number of participants the ability to engage in real, ongoing, and substantive discussions, without the overwhelming experience of many other chat systems. This coordination across far-flung teams has had a significant, positive impact on the happiness and productivity of our personnel, regardless of location or seniority.
— Andy Ellis, Chief Security Officer, Akamai

Use topics to organize the discussion

  • Like email threads, Zulip topics create a separate space for each discussion, so different conversations will never get in each other’s way.
  • Save time by reading the topics you care about, and skimming or skipping the rest.
  • See each message in context — no more scrolling up and down through dozens of messages to track down the topic of conversation.
  • Important messages won’t be missed, no matter what else is happening, and whether the thread is old or new.
In fact now it seems strange to me to just fire off messages in Slack with no subject – that's chaos, madness. The genius of subject lines is that you can quickly and easily catch up on the messages you missed in your off-hours... This feature alone saves me hours a week.

Focus work without disruptions

  • Maintain focus, pay attention in meetings, or work from another time zone. You can always reply in context even if you've been away from the conversation for hours or days.
  • Busy leaders and experts can participate on their own time, without incessant @-mentions clamoring for their attention.
  • Let others know whether you're around with emoji statuses and availability.
Zulip’s threading model makes it so much easier to manage my team. As a leader, in just a few minutes I can get an overview over what's going on and see where my attention is needed.
— Gaute Lund, co-founder and owner of iDrift AS
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Chat as a knowledge repository

  • With conversations organized by topic, you can review old discussions to understand past work, explanations, and decisions.
  • Link to a Zulip conversation from emails, docs, issue trackers, code comments, or anywhere else.
  • Topics make it easy to find the right conversation with Zulip's powerful full-text search.
  • Topic auto-complete lets you know when your idea or question has been discussed in the past.
  • Keep discussions organized by moving or splitting topics when conversations digress.

Effective workflows with integrations

Zulip’s unique threading saves me well over an hour a day in working with our distributed team of engineers and PMs across 7+ time zones. We tried Slack, Mattermost, and other team chat products that claim to support threading, and nothing handles synchronous and asynchronous communication so intuitively.
— Jacinda Shelly, CTO, Doctor on Demand

Powerful formatting

Interactive messaging

Flexible administration and permissions

Enterprise grade security, reliability and control

  • Zulip Cloud is built with privacy and security in mind, and is used by some of the most security-conscious organizations in the world.
  • Zulip is 100% open-source software, with no "open core" catch. We work hard to make it easy to set up, back up, and maintain a self-hosted Zulip installation, where you have full control of your data.
  • Move your data with our high quality export and import tools; you are never locked into a proprietary tool.
  • Zulip is built for scale and works reliably for organizations with thousands of users online at once with modest hardware.
  • Zulip has by far the most active open-source development community of any team chat software. The paid team provides leadership, expertise and support for the project in addition to operating the Zulip Cloud service.
  • Zulip is sustainably funded and designed for maintainability to ensure that we can serve our customers for years to come.
  • Customize Zulip with your organization’s branding.

When and how you want it

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If you have any questions, please contact us at sales@zulip.com. You can also drop by our friendly development community at chat.zulip.org to ask for help or suggest improvements!

Zulip is everything Slack is, but it's smarter and more powerful.

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Zulip is 100% free and open source, with no proprietary version.
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